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We swim in toxic diet culture every day. Attempting fit into society’s impossible idea of what our bodies should look like is exhausting. All too often we tell ourselves that once we are thin enough, buff enough or weigh a certain number on the scale, then we will start doing the things that  are important in our life.  But good news! There is a way to let go of ‘dieting’, and have a peaceful relationship with food and your body. There is a way to get clear on what truly matters to you and take action towards that today.

This is not a structured plan, new diet, or boot camp. This is a process of self-discovery and experimentation. We are all unique and this is not a one size fits all approach. Instead of looking to the “expert” for the ‘right’ way to eat, you’ll be working towards honoring to your body’s signals and trusting your inner wisdom. You’ll learn how to listen to your hunger (physically and emotionally) and to make choices that bring about peace and nourishment. And you’ll discover how to move for pleasure rather than guilt or shame.

You’ll practice proven strategies to dampen down your inner critic so that you can take action on what’s really important in your life.  It’s about learning to relax and become confident in who you are no matter what your weight or size is.

As you gain insight and awareness into your behavior and habits, you’ll make an inner shift to towards healthy self-care. You will learn gentle nutrition principles and practice strategies and techniques to make positive changes that stick for a lifetime.

If you are ready to stop obsessing about eating and start loving yourself and your life, let’s get started!

Treat yourself as if you already are enough. Walk as if you are enough. Eat as if you are enough. See, look, listen as if you are enough. Because it’s true.
~ Geneen Roth ~

About Innershift Programs

I’m Sandra Turnbull and I am so pleased that you have found your way here.

I am a Registered Dietitian(RD) and a Certified Executive Coach(CEC). I specialize in helping people make peace with food and their bodies so that they can focus on what truly matters to them.

I don’t want one more person to lose one more second of their precious life counting calories, points or carbs. I want people to KNOW that their worth is not measured by the scale. I hate the thought that anyone would look back on their life with regret for not doing things they love because of how they felt about their body. Life is way too short. We were ALL born for greater things than that.

I have been a dietitian for many years (almost 30-ulp!) but it wasn’t until I discovered the Health at Every Size ® philosophy and began to use Intuitive Eating myself that I overcame the war with my own body. Since then I have offered a weight-neutral, compassionate and practical approach to health that allows my clients to successfully nurture a healthy relationship with food, their body and themselves.

Eight years ago, I returned to university to learn the science and art of effective change via my Executive Coaching certification. I love helping people clarify their core values, discover their strengths and together develop a blueprint on how to get the life they want. Seeing my clients make joyful, long-lasting changes in their lives fills my heart and fulfills my purpose.

My clients tell me that they appreciate my gentle, practical, and thorough style.

Outside of trying to smash diet culture, I can be found photographing nature, attempting to get through the never ending stack of books on my bedside table or snuggling with my two fur babies, Toby and Chica.



Recovery, Replenish, Redesign

Eating Disorder

I am here to support your healing from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, compulsive overeating and emotional eating. Some diagnoses will require that you are working with a therapist as well.

Things we may cover include:

Learning what food and drinks you need to speed your recovery.

How your eating habits can be linked to your emotions freeing you to respond differently.

How to plan and prepare meals and snacks so it is no longer difficult making decisions about food.

How even “feared” foods can be reintroduced so your body stays healthy and strong.



Is a compassionate, evidenced based approach to cultivating a healthy relationship with your food and your body.

I’ll show you how to:

Let go of the diet mentality.

Tune into your hunger and fullness cues.

Cope with your feelings without using food.

Respect your body.

Find joy in eating and movement.


Find Your

It is amazing how much extra time, energy and focus you will have once eating normally becomes a habit. I can help you discover what truly matters to you and build a solid plan to have it happen.

I can help you to:

Get really clear on your purpose.

Figure out how to use your strengths to get where you want to go with ease.

Develop small actionable steps to get you there.


It takes time to learn and accept this new way of being, to develop a nourishing relationship with food and ourselves. Old habits are often deeply engrained and making changes occurs in stages. A single session is unlikely to make a significant impact on your journey. For that reason, I offer my services in a bundle of 6 sessions for $375.00.

Note: Many Extended Health Benefits packages now cover Dietitian Services.

We cannot hate ourselves into a version of ourselves we can love.
~ Lori Deschesne ~

What to Expect

When you sign up
Initial Assessment
Up to 60 minutes.

Before we even meet you will receive a welcome package and an opportunity to fill out a questionnaire so that I can begin to really get to know you. You might be surprised at how comprehensive it is, as I ask you to share info on your eating habits, weight history, food relationship, personal strengths and accomplishments. Don’t be overwhelmed, just do your best. It’s so important to me to really understand your experience.

First Session
Up to 90 minutes.

This is where we begin to establish a trusting relationship. Talking about your eating habits and body image can leave you feeling very vulnerable and it is not unusual to hold some sense of shame around some of these concerns. I am committed to providing a safe and judgement-free space to promote your healing. You’ll finish this session with a clear path on how to get started and all the tools you might need to get you there.

Ongoing Sessions
Up to 45 minutes.

These sessions will be a chance to review your plan and celebrate successes. It is an opportunity to layer on more knowledge and skills to help you to continue to move forward in your journey. We can meet weekly for consistent support or less frequently so you have time to practice your new skills. Note: All sessions in a bundle must be used up within 6 months of purchase.

You gotta nourish to flourish.
~ Anon. ~

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