Healthy eating and livingWe’ve all seen those ads …”5 Foods to NEVER Eat,” “Do Not Eat These Foods While on a Diet,” or “4 Foods Your Doctor Never Eats.”

Being a firm believer in the “all foods can fit” philosophy, I just ignore them. But I spend a lot of time trying to help my clients ditch the diet mentality. So I thought I would come up with my own version: 3 Words to Give Up So You Never Have to Diet Again!

  1. Bad. As in I ate a “bad” food or I am “bad” for eating dessert. Believe it or not, food is food. Not bad, not good, just food. We need to stop assigning our moral character based on the foods we eat. We need to find ways to give up feeling guilty about how or what we eat. In fact research has shown that self compassion is a much more powerful way to make changes than self criticism.
  2. Tomorrow. As in “I will start again tomorrow.” This one is dangerous for 2 reasons. First it lets us off the hook for today and can trigger that “what the hell” effect of overindulging or underachieving. As well, psychologists tell us that we tend to routinely over estimate how easy it will be to do what we say we want to do. It’s like we somehow forget that tomorrow we’ll be faced with the same challenges we had today. The solution is to stay focused on the now. Remind yourself that the next sip, bite or step can get you back on track and heading in the direction you want to go.
  3. Wait. This one personally drives me crazy. It breaks my heart how many of us put our lives on hold “waiting” to buy new clothes, waiting to go on a holiday, waiting to try something new until we reach a certain number on the scale. Stop holding yourself hostage! Find something that will make you feel great today. When you do, you may be surprised at how much easier it is to stick to your goals.