Meet Sandra

“Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.” ~ Mary Ann Radmacher


I have spent my whole life wanting to help people feel better. Through this wonderful, rich journey I have learned that to change your life, to live deep and be truly happy, you must start by focusing within. It all begins with an inner shift.

After years of working with patients, clients and professionals, I am absolutely certain that we need to shift our attention away from losing weight, getting the perfect job, finding the perfect mate, or making more and more money. We have to learn how to build our inner resources. To strengthen our inner peace and power. To effectively process emotions so that we can feel our joy and wonder again. To discover our strengths and talents and share them with the world every day. We need to listen deeply — first to ourselves and then to those we love. And lastly we need to pay attention to our thoughts — changing or letting go of the ones that cause us pain or keep us stuck.

Here are some additional highlights you might find helpful in learning more about me …

Education and Background:

  • Certified Executive Coach through Royal Roads University
  • Management Leadership Certificate-Achieve Global Canada
  • Bachelor of Human Ecology- Major: Nutrition   Minor: Business Administration
  • Certified Emotional Brain Training Provider-Health Solutions Institute
  • Registered Dietitian-College of Dietitians of British Columbia

As a dietitian, I have 20 years experience helping clients regain their energy and feel great about their health. Discovering the deep connections between emotions and their eating has been a revelation and revolutionary for many.

As a diabetes educator, I supported people to flourish while managing their diabetes. It was an honor to help them explore their mindset about their disease and adopt a personalized plan for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

In leadership positions, I have been able to use my strategic thinking skills to help organizations improve health services and to grow and support professional staff to  build strong teams, improve their communication skills and to find and enhance their inner leader.

As a coach, I use a unique blend of positive psychology, cutting edge neuroscience and the latest in coaching techniques to act as a catalyst for women to find and build their inner resources, stand in their greatness and live lives of joy.

In every case, those who were most successful were those who were willing to journey within, to gain self awareness and learn tools and techniques to build a strong inner foundation.

I’m here to support you! Find out how we can work together.