Is Coaching for You?

Imagine walking into a warm and inviting space, curling up into a big comfy chair and taking a slow relaxing breath. You sink into the solid support of the chair and realize that this room is filled with everything you need to make your life better. A hug, a box of kleenex, an objective best friend, an enthusiastic cheerleader, a no-nonsense accountant (aren’t they all?), a mirror, a life preserver, a kick in the pants, calorie-free chocolate, mountain climbing gear, a first aid kit, a detailed treasure map and a round of applause.


You have just entered the world of coaching.

Coaching is meant to bring out the best of you, not try to change you into someone else. I am with you to help you to figure out what truly matters and put together a clear and specific plan to do more of it. We do that by focusing on your strengths, your dreams and your values.

It’s important to be willing to try things differently.  Be prepared to experiment, be curious and to play. You will be asked to take small steps,to move forward. Regularly. But don’t worry- No Pain, No Gain is dead. This is all about ease, fun and pleasure. It’s all about tuning into what works best for you versus expecting me to simply tell you what to do (‘cause you probably already have a mom for that anyway).

After working with me my clients :

  • know how to keep themselves energized and how to bounce back quickly when life throws them a curve ball.
  • have discovered sustainable wellness strategies that are unique to them-no cookie cutter approaches here!
  • discovered what makes them feel strong, capable and confident.
  • are clear on their values, strengths and goals and have a do-able plan focused on what matters most.
  • have rediscovered the joy in their lives.

 What results are you ready for?


Our coaching will happen mostly by phone, with some email support in between sessions. You will find this to be easy, affordable, and extremely convenient. As long as you have a phone and email access, we can do your sessions from your home, the office or even half way around the world!


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