How We Can Work Together

One-on-one coaching

Here’s the thing. You don’t need coaching from me. 

You can experience greater well-being for yourself — discover your strengths, find more meaning in life, get re-energized — all on your own.

But the women I work with want coaching from me. And here’s why …

  • I help them sort through all the tools and techniques to find a best fit for them.
  • I guide them through the tricky bits when they feel like quitting.
  • I constantly stay on top of the latest research.
  • Because working with me commits them more fully to their own life and dreams.
  • And most importantly,  because I believe in the process and the possibilities until they learn to believe it themselves.

The minimum commitment  for one-on-one coaching is 3 months. Each month we’ll talk twice by phone (usually bi-weekly, but I can be flexible to fit your schedule). The initial call is usually 45-60 minutes and the remaining 30 minutes each.There will be activities/experiments to be completed between your sessions.

Investment: $275 for 3 months

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and want to feel positively healthy,let’s get started! 


Mindful Eating Classes

Have you ever wolfed down a meal so fast that you barely remembered what you ate?

Beautiful woman holding hot fresh smelling oat cookies with closed eyes and relaxing. Retro stylized enjoying food poster with place for your text on grunge background

Have you found yourself finishing a large popcorn at the movies just because it was there?

Do you struggle to stop yourself from overeating?

In the rush of everyday life, most people have difficulty finding ways to truly nourish themselves. Come get a taste of the secret ingredient that is missing from most of our diets – mindful eating. Learning to eat mindfully is the super power you need to have a healthy and joyful relationship with food.
Explore a sustainable, positive method for creating a peaceful relationship with food. In 8 weeks you will learn to:
 Enjoy your food without overeating
 Tune into and honour your inner body cues
 Deal kindly with your inner critic
 Nourish yourself beyond food

Next sessions start in the Fall 2016.

Email me if you want to be notified when registration opens again.

Life is too short to spend it struggling with food.